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14 Apr 2020 -

Dear Customer,

Hope you are well in the difficult time that we are all endring.

We can supply KN95 face mask and medical&civil disposable face mask in stock, if you have any request, our MOQ is 10000pcs, please feel free to send me inquiry by cassie@ycwbag.com

At the same time, please try best to stay at home and keep safe.

Have a nice day.

Charming team

disposable face mask 01disposable face mask 02disposable face mask 03disposable face mask 04disposable face mask 05KN95 FACE MASK 01KN95 FACE MASK 02KN95 FACE MASK 03KN95 FACE MASK 04KN95 FACE MASK 05KN95 FACE MASK 06

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