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Yaown Trademark

15 Dec 2020 -

Yaown was made up by two words "ya" and "own". Bcoz we hope everyone can be her/his ownself, stand on ya own leg, be ya own true self.

We are OEM bag manufacturer in Shenzhen City, except bags, we can produce stitching products that 

can be made by bag-making tools. To be not only ya vendor but also ya business partner is our mission.

Wherever ya are, we are always here to give ya a hand, to provide ya bags, to create ya own brand.

To be yaown's partner!

Shenzhen Charming Luggage Co., Ltd have their own trademark, it registed in UK, we will starting have our own design, bags and trademark gradually.

Future will be more and more better, welcome to custom different bags with us.


Charming Team

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