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HKTDC Gift & Premium Show

21 Oct 2017 -

2017 HKTDC Gift & Premium exhibition date at 27th-30th April have been Successful conclusion, welcome your inquiry and order about custom different bags.

And we'd like to share with you about our show picture as below:

HKTDC Fair-201704-05.JPG

HKTDC Fair-201704-08.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-01.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-02.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-03.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-04.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-06HKTDC Fair-201704-07HKTDC Fair-201704-09.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-10.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-11.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-12.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-13.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-14.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-15.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-16.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-17.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-18.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-20.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-21.JPGHKTDC Fair-201704-22HKTDC Fair-201704-23

HKTDC Fair-201704-19.JPG

Thanks for your review.

Charming Team