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Company yoga outdoor photography

13 Aug 2019 -
What is the most important for your life now, earn much more money, lover, family, friends, kids or healthy? I think healthy, if you earn much more money, but no healthy and energy to spend with your friends and family, what is make sense?
Particularly the people working in the big city, they are sitting office more than 8 hours everyday, even more than 12 hours per day, its very dangerous, you may don't know your healthy are going away slowly. So do more exercise, more outdoor acitivities, jogging, hiking and yoga etc, would be a good choice for office people, definately, now more and more people realized this and start to do it. its very nice.

Yoga is a nice sport for women, it can keep your health, at the same time it can keep your body be in a energy all the time if you insist for long time. That's why I love it very much, same as Charming luggage company, as I mentioned that we have a company yoga classes began at end of 2018, till now, we have learn more than 8 months, now, we have a outdoor photography to test how we learn about in the past 8 month. Here share with you our nice colleagues and their energy.

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