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Chinese Valentine's Day

25 Aug 2020 -
Today is 25th August 2020, but in Chinese calender is 7th July, so today is Chinese Qixi Festival, Qiqiao Festival, Double Seventh Festival, we call the Chinese Valentine's Day as well, one of the Chineas traditional fesitival.

Qixi Festival, derived from constellation worship, is the birthday of the seventh sister in the traditional significance. It is named "Qixi" because the worship activity is held on the seventh night of July for seventh sister.
It is the traditional habitude to respect the seventh sister, pray for blessings and wishes, pray for skillful art, sit and watch the Altair and Vega constellation, pray for marriage and right person, and store water on the Seventh Night of the Seventh Lunar month. 

With the development of history, Qixi festival has been endowed with the beautiful love legend of "the cowherd and the Weaver Girl", which has become a symbol of love festival. Therefore, it is regarded as the most romantic traditional festival in China, and in contemporary era, it has given rise to the cultural meaning of "Chinese Valentine's Day".

Today, let's see what have been prepared for us from Charming Luggage family.
Chinese valentine's day 06Chinese valentine's day 03Chinese valentine's day 04Chinese valentine's day 01Chinese valentine's day 02Chinese valentine's day 05

In the end, Wish all of people lives in love, spend time with loved one and family.

Happy Valentine's Day
Charming Team
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