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Charming Morning Jog

11 May 2019 -

What is most important in your life? 

Healthy is most important, living in the big City-Shenzhen, a high speed developing city; 

Working in a such big city, you must keep yourself healthy then earn much more money to keep you and your family have a high quality life.

Forturnately, Shenzhen people like sport, expecially our Charming company colleague, morning jogging before working, keep healthy and Improve your energy for daily work.

They growing up at 6:00am, start off 6:10am and back one hour later, then start work at 8:00am.

Would you like to join us? Let's running together.

Here share with you our running team

morning jog 01morning jog 02morning jog 03morning jog 04morning jog 05morning jog 06morning jog 07

Thanks for your reveiw

Charming team

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