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Charming Luggage New office

18 Sep 2020 -
Date on 16th Sep 2020, Shenzhen Charming Luggage office finished decoration upgrade.
All of colleague will be move in this high-end gorgeously office, from now, Charming Luggage Head office will be a working in this Hotel Office.

New office, new begining, in this Special year 2020, most of factories and companies are difficult to survive, but our Charming luggage are growing better and better. Thus we can give our customers more confidence. Choose Charming Luggage, it will be your best choice.

We will be warmly welcome you come to visit us, contact me, lets start great business from now.

Here share some picture of our new office.

Charming office preparing 01Charming office preparing 02Charming office preparing 03Charming office preparing 05Charming office preparing 06Charming office preparing 07Charming office preparing 08Charming office preparing 09Charming new office 01Charming new office 02Charming new office 03Charming new office 04Charming new office 05Charming new office 06Charming new office 07Charming new office 08Charming new office 09Charming new office 010Charming new office 011Charming new office 012Charming new office 013Charming new office 014

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